Mycelium Token

Mycelium tokens were distributed in 2016. Mycelium tokens represent 5% of non-dilutable Stock Appreciation Rights in the MYCELIUM WALLET Project, (“SARs”). Tokens are potentially convertible into class B non-voting shares of Mycelium. Mycelium keeps the right to optimise its corporate structure but the essence of the ownership rights that token holders have will remain the same.

SARs were issued in the form of the so-called “Bitcoin coloured coins”, a then-promising technical framework. Tokens are now in the process of gradual conversion into the ERC-20 format. Mycelium Wallet now supports ERC-20 so all the owners will have their converted tokens right in the Wallet.

To avoid the utility token nonsense, Mycelium tokens were intentionally designed as securities (SARs are derivatives of ownership rights). As no crypto exchange is yet able to list security tokens, Mycelium tokens are not yet being traded. Mycelium closely monitors the development of the security token industry and — as soon as the legal framework allows — tokens will be listed.

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